Gather your friends, barn mates or clients together and host a Dun Rite Appraisal day. 
Every horse should be appraised whether a seasoned show horse or beloved family friend.
Hosting an appraisal day is a great  opportunity to spend the day with friends and learn
valuable information about your horse.

The Details

You provide the facility
You organize the horses to be appraised ( maximum 9 per day)

We provide  you with one fee for the day that includes all expenses
(you divide between participants)
We provide a one hour long appointment for each horse
We provide a written summary appraisal within 10 business days for each horse

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Professional appraisals for the stock horse industry.

April 12 2016
What is My Horse's Value
Webinar 7:00pm MST
What factors determine a horses value?
What factors do not influence a horses value?
Learn the techniques used by an appraiser to asses a
horses value and the factors you should consider when purchasing or insuring a horse.
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